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Approximately 13,000 children and teenagers are diagnosed in the U.S. with cancer every year. Treatment is usually difficult and can last for months or years. Below are a few excerpts from childhood cancer guides to help families cope with the challenges of treatment for cancer.

Your Child's Hospitalization – A child's hospitalization can leave parents and children feeling helpless. There are ways, however, to feel more comfortable while adding cheerfulness to the proceedings.

Blood Counts – Rapidly dividing cancer cells are highly susceptible to chemotherapy drugs, but so are healthy blood cells. This article discusses how to minimize the potential for anemia, excessive bleeding, and infections while chemotherapy is suppressing your child's blood counts.

Sibling Stories – Siblings of children with cancer share their experiences to help parents better understand what they are feeling and what helps them cope.

Improving Communication and Discipline – Prior to a cancer diagnosis, children know the family rules and understand the limits for their behavior. In this section, parents share ideas on how to maintain communication and appropriate behavior after the diagnosis.

Cancer Survivor Treatment Record – A printable Cancer Survivor's Treatment Record entitled "Taking Care of Yourself for Life" helps keep track of your childhood cancer medical history. The doctor or nurse practitioner can complete the summary of treatment and guidelines for health monitoring that may reduce the chances of medical problems in the future.

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