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A Little History

The evolution of Childhood Cancer Guides shows the deep caring and resilience of our community. When Nancy Keene's daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 1992, her high school friend, Tim O'Reilly, called to offer his assistance. During the next few years, Tim encouraged Nancy to write a book for families of children with leukemia. Tim's company, O'Reilly & Associates, published Nancy's first book, Childhood Leukemia, in 1997. During the next seven years, O'Reilly published more than 30 books in their Patient-Centered Guides series, mostly on cancer topics.

When hard times descended on the tech community, O'Reilly & Associates could no longer afford to support the series. However, Tim wanted to continue to help families of children with cancer and he suggested that parents form a nonprofit to try to keep the four childhood cancer books in print. After much hard work, Childhood Cancer Guides was born. O'Reilly & Associates donated the inventory, copyrights, and website content for the four books, as well as some basic office equipment to the nonprofit. We are now trying to carry on the good work that O'Reilly & Associates began.



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